Large Animal

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- Equine
- Bovine
- Sheep(Ovine) & Goats(Caprine)
- Swine
- Poultry
- Llamas & Alpacas

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If your horse is going out on pasture after a long winter of hay, let your horse graze briefly to start getting his digestive tract used to the new diet. Feed hay first, then let him nibble grass on a lunge line. Increase the amount of time daily over a couple of weeks until he is used to eating grass for several hours, before turning him loose completely.  You may notice loose manure at first, but this gradual transition should prevent “grass colic” from occurring.

During the summer months make sure salt is available at all times to replace what your horse will lose in his sweat.  Also, ALWAYS have fresh water available. Change it often to prevent mosquito larva from developing and hatching in it.